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Cosmetic dentistry is getting increasingly popular due to the aesthetic appeal and improved oral health associated with it

Cosmetic dentistry is getting increasingly popular due to the aesthetic appeal and improved oral health associated with it

02 Jan 2018

If you wish to restore your smile and give yourself an extra dose of confidence in public interactions, then the team of cosmetic dentistry in Dwarka is the right answer to all your queries and concerns related to it. Dwarka is one the largest suburb in Asia and very close to Indira Gandhi International Airport. The cosmetic dentists here are highly experienced and globally renowned for their clinical expertise.

Cosmetic dentistry is also known as “aesthetic dentistry” as it improves the appearance of teeth and is also used for lightening, straightening, repairing and reshaping teeth. The aim of conventional dentistry is to take care of general dental problems and prevention, diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases. Whereas, cosmetic dentistry focuses on increasing the beauty and outlook of healthy teeth and give you that million-dollar smile! Besides this, it will also improve your oral hygiene and your bite.

Following are some of the common procedures performed by doctors of cosmetic dentistry in Dwarka:


These are thin shells placed over front teeth to change its shape and colour. Made of porcelain, these are the best solution for tooth that is abnormally placed, chipped, misaligned, uneven or discoloured. It is also a good alternative to crowns.


This is one of the most reasonable and easiest procedure in cosmetic dentistry and is being widely accepted for improving the appearance of chipped or discoloured teeth. Your dentist will use composite resin and high intensity light alongwith adhesives for giving the new look to your tooth. It is also used for filling small cavities or closing gaps between teeth.

Contouring and reshaping

Another cost-effective and easy method for giving new look to misaligned, crooked or chipped teeth. This can be done in a single session and is time-saving as well. Contouring is known for fixing problems related to bite. Sometimes, both these procedures can be combined with bonding to give that perfect and desirable look to your teeth. The procedure involves removing a small amount of tooth enamel for sculpting your tooth and providing it a better fitting and alignment with neighbouring tooth. Polishing is done after this so that your reshaped tooth gets a smooth finish.


Also known as tooth-whitening, this one is a chemical process that is commonly used for removing tooth stains or giving a whiter shade to discoloured tooth. Your tooth may get discoloured due to tobacco use, smoking, excessive intake of tea/coffee or poor dental care. It could also be genetic or result from ageing. Bleaching helps in getting whiter and brighter teeth and can be done both at home or in dental clinic.


Dental crowns are known as caps they are used for covering a tooth to give it a normal appearance and shape. Though the procedure is time-consuming, it is considered to have longest life expectancy amongst all cosmetic dental procedures. Dental crowning is a suitable option for those with weak or broken tooth. It also helps in holding a dental implant or bridge.

The aim of cosmetic dentistry in Dwarka is to enhance the beauty of your smile and thus bring a positive change to your life!

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